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Dishwashers, Detergent, & Repairs

Scenic Service Solutions provides careful dishwasher maintenance on our commercial dishwashers throughout Signal Mountain, Tennessee. We also have scheduled delivery available to ensure that you never run out of dishwasher detergent. We will consult with you about your operation, and will suggest what machine and plan will work best to save you money and time.


We sell, lease, and lease-to-own commercial dishwashing machines. There are five different machines available through us. First, we have a single-rack, low-temp washer made by American Dish Service™ (ADS), which is available as a straight unit or corner unit. We also have a double-rack, low-temp washer that holds two racks of dishes and comes in the same two options—straight and corner.

Our low-temp, under-counter dishwasher is great for bars and is primarily for washing glasses. It is made by Chemical Methods Associates™ (CMA). We also offer a high-temp under-counter dishwasher from CMA. This relies on hot water to clean dishes rather than chemicals.

Fixing the Dishwasher

Chemical Programs

We offer creative solutions to customers by tailoring chemical programs to meet their specific needs. Depending on the size of your facility and what you do, we suggest the most economical billing program for you. Options include paying by the gallon, flat rates, consignments, and more. We re-use all of our containers so there is no waste and all chemicals are manufactured locally in Tennessee.


If the washer you bought from us breaks down any time, we will repair it. We also offer preventative maintenance on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. With a personal response within 10 minutes and a technical visit within two hours, our primary goal is to have minimal to no downtime for your business.